6 Things That Cause Fluid Retention in Your Body and How to Avoid Them

Liquid retention is the aggregation of water in the tissues which is a consequence of irregularity in the fluid levels in the body. Our body is a mind boggling arrangement of hormones that continually change the levels of fluids so as to keep them stable. This is the reason drinking more than the prescribed measure of water doesn’t cause any issues – the overabundance is wiped out by the kidneys as pee or sweat. With a specific end goal to forestall liquid maintenance, you ought to abstain from doing the accompanying 6 things that are likely causing it:

Taking excessively sodium

Sodium is available in any sustenance we eat, yet by devouring excessively of it and not drinking enough water it might bring about liquid retention.

Processed nourishments

Processed nourishments have a ton of sugar and sodium, two substances that are considered as the primary driver of edema.

Lack of hydration


Not drinking a lot of water amid the day will bring about drying out. Drying out will make the body hold water with a specific end goal to survive which can prompt swelling in the tissues.

Vitamin B6 inadequacy

Absence of vitamin B6 in the body may also lead to liquid maintenance, so make a point to advance its levels. The best wellsprings of vitamin B6 are chicken, pistachios, sunflower seeds, fish, potatoes, and bananas.

Magnesium lack

Magnesium is a standout amongst the most imperative minerals for our wellbeing. It has an influence in many capacities, which is the reason we should take no less than 200 mg. a day. Taking the ideal measure of magnesium will likewise forestall liquid maintenance. Magnesium is contained in nourishments, for example, nuts, dried natural products, avocado, entire grains and spinach.

Potassium inadequacy

Absence of potassium in the body may prompt uncalled for working organs and liquid awkwardness and retention as the mineral manages the water adjust in the body.


Working out is essential against liquid maintenance in the body. It will actuate the dissemination in your legs by compacting the muscles in the veins and enabling overabundance liquid to be take out through pee and sweat.

Lifting the legs when resting can likewise offer assistance. This will decrease the swelling in the lower legs – put your lower legs over the knees at a sharp point to quicken the transfer of liquids.

Keeping in mind the end goal to avoid liquid maintenance in the body, you ought to likewise expend more veggies and fruits. They have flavonoids which will be of extraordinary help in expelling abundance liquids from the body.

Abstain from wearing tight apparel as it can debilitate your flow and abatement your salt admission also. Do whatever it takes not to shower with boiling water keeping in mind the end goal to avert drying out and enable the body to anticipate aggregation of liquids.

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