A Fast and Easy Way to Shed Some Pounds with This Japanese Morning Diet

As soon as Hitoshi Watanabe presented the morning banana regimen in his book “The morning banana diet”, it became a worldwide hit.

It is extremely simple and does not require any specific changes in your dietary habits, but just to eat bananas in the morning, and drink water at room temperature.

Can it be this easy?

Apparently, it can. Watanabe tried to lose weight in a number of ways and none provided positive effects, so together with his wife Sumiko, a pharmaceutist, he managed to find the one that gave the desired results.

The couple created a method, known as the Morning Banana Diet, which helped a lot of people to finally solve the issue with extra pounds.

Their solution was simple and easy: you should eat a fresh banana and drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning, and eat nothing until lunch.

Bananas are full of resistant starch which actively stimulates the weight loss process. It does not dissolve in the small intestine and goes directly into the large intestine where the fermentation process begins.

It is converted into short-chain fatty acids by bacteria, and thus feeds cells and improves the healthy function of the gastrointestinal tract.

You should eat as many bananas as you need to feel full, but Japanese avoid overloading the stomach and follow the rule of 80/20. This means that 8 parts of a full stomach go for the individual, and 2 parts go for the doctor, so they only eat 80% of the served meal.

Eat raw bananas only, and after the first one, wait for 20 minutes. If you feel hungry again, eat another one.

The consumption of warm water stimulates metabolism.

Watanabe suggests avoiding milk and alcohol during the diet regimen and recommends that the last meal is no later than 8 pm. Since sleep deprivation leads to weight loss, make sure you go to bed before midnight.

You can eat whatever you want for dinner and lunch, and between the meals, eat some fruit.

The effects of this regimen are due to the beneficial effects of bananas, as follows:

  • Bananas are rich in potassium, and fiber
  • They are full of nutrients which improve overall health in many ways, so are considered superfoods
  • They boost metabolism and keep you full
  • They are cheap way to lose weight
  • Bananas reduce food cravings
  • Bananas help you reduce cellulite

Additionally, this regimen will help you improve health, energize the body, limit alcohol intake, regulate blood sugar, and boost your metabolism. People who have tried it report amazing effects, so why don’t you give it a try?


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