Hamburger Casserole Recipe

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One of my favorite meals is a good old fashioned hamburger.  That is, just a patty with a bun.  No veggies, nothing else, just the flavor of the patty shining through.

Now, every so often, I might throw in a slice of cheese (or maybe a combination of three like Munster, American and Provolone…don’t knock it til you try it!), but by and large, I like my hamburgers simple. Now, unfortunately, I don’t own a grill.  We just bought a house and haven’t been able to buy a grill yet (but it’s on my Christmas list, for those wondering).

But, I have found that I do not need a grill to make a classic hamburger.  I can make it in a casserole dish!  Yep, you absolutely can, too.


It is just as delicious and if you really want the hamburger style, cut a piece out and put it in a burger bun.  This will not disappoint.  It is juicy, cheesy (if you want it to be) and everything you would want in a burger.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries ain’t got nothing on this dish!  So next time you are snowed in or maybe you just do not have a grill like me, try this.  Your craving will be satisfied and your mess will be much smaller.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Eating on a Dime. 

Quick Tip: Slice up burger buns and serve them warm on the side of this dish for the complete experience.

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