How to Keep Your Cast Iron Skillet Looking New and Staying Non-Stick

– Salt
– Half a potato

STEP 1: Cover the dirty skillet in salt.
STEP 2: Using half a potato, clean the skillet clean, scrubbing the salt in.
STEP 3: Rinse and dry clean.
STEP 4: Put the skillet over the stove top heat for 10 minutes to remove all the moisture.

It’s that simple! In a little over 10 minutes, you have a stain-free skillet that looks like you just bought it at the store.

Now, for the extra magic trick, making your skillet non-stick.


– Cooking oil
– Paper towel

STEP 1: Cover the skillet in cooking oil.
STEP 2: Use the paper towel to coat the inside of the skillet entirely in the oil.
STEP 3: Put in the oven for an hour at 350 F.

Now your skillet has a little extra power behind it and your after-dinner cleaning just became that much easier.

As long as you maintain these two routines (scrubbing the skillet clean with salt and non-sticking it with oil) and you make sure to wipe out and clean your skillet after every use, you’ll have a pan that you can use for anything that will last a lifetime!

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