How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers with Items from the Dollar Tree

You’ve probably seen videos that show you some nifty ways to organize your disastrous kitchen drawers. And while those methods are all well and good, not everyone has the cash to go out and buy all the expensive materials sometimes needed for these organization projects. But that doesn’t mean your kitchen drawers still don’t need to be organized! So what to do? If you’re working on a budget and your kitchen drawers are a nightmare,

you’ll want to watch the video below from Do It On a Dime. They’ll be showing you how to organize those chaotic drawers with cheap items you can buy at the Dollar Tree!

I love that she focuses on the craziest drawer of all – the “junk drawer”. There is always the strangest array of things inside those drawers! And they’re RARELY ever neat and tidy.

Her first trick is to NEVER put any mail or papers inside the junk drawer. Very important. She also suggests dividing up your space and putting things that go together in their own sections – i.e., batteries in one container. This way everything can be seen and nothing gets lost.

A little bowl in the center of your junk drawer is the perfect way to hold random things that don’t really have a place in the house. It keeps these little bits and pieces organized in one place instead of floating about in disarray.

To learn all her little tricks of the trade, make sure to watch the video above!

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