How To Properly Plant A Tomato To Get 5–8ft Plants

The proper planting of tomatoes is of crucial importance for their development, so if you pay attention to the technique, you will have lots of them in the summer.

If you follow the tips we provide in this article, you will definitely taste the most delicious, sun-warmed, fresh tomatoes from your own garden.

Tomatoes are in fact very easy to grow and give a lot of produce. Yet, they love heat and cannot tolerate frost.

This is how to properly plant a tomato and have 508ft tomato plants the next season:

First, you need to purchase a tomato plant, which you will later transplant in your garden. If you have experience in this, you can also start it from a seed. Then, start the seed in a greenhouse or a sunny window indoors a month before setting them out in the garden.

Then, place the transplants in the sunniest areas of the garden. Tomatoes need to receive at least 7 hours of sun daily. The tomatoes should be planted ft apart. Dig a large hole, about 2ft, as the plant should be entirely into the soil.


Then, add fish heads in the hole. You can find some at the butcher’s, at a fishmonger, or in a restaurant. Yet, if you cannot find heads, you can also use spines, tails, guts, as well as crab, lobster, and shrimp shells.


You can also substitute all this with 2 handfuls of fish meal. Then, you should also add 2 aspirins, which will boost the immune system of the plant, and 3-4 crushed chicken egg shells, as they have calcium, which helps the rotting of the blossom end.


Next, add a handful of bone meal, which is an organic phosphorus source, viral for blossom production, and it will boost the number of fruits. Moreover, it will also raise the calcium levels. Add 2 handfuls of Gardner & Bloome’s Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer, which is an organic fertilizer, rich in macronutrients of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.  You can also add a handful of pure worm castings in the bottom of the hole.


Then, the hole is ready for the tomato plant. Trim off the lower leaves of the plant, and put it in the hole.


Then, add 1-2 inches of soil on top of the things you placed in the hole. To prevent diseases, sprinkle the plant with 1/3 cup of Xtreme Gardening’s Mykos.


Moreover, check once more if the plant is too far down, and in this case, add some more soil before planting the tomato. Do not stomp on the soil or press it hard, as the roots require oxygen.

In the end, make a temporary well around the base of the plant, to support the watering.


Moreover, water the plants three times to satisfy the plant, and wait for the water to drain through.

The tomatoes grown in this way will definitely be your favorite!


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