Extremely rich in vitamins and minerals banana is one of the healthiest fruits that we have today on the market. It is really delicious and plus healthy. Bananas have many medical advantages and that is why they are considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Everyone should have bananas in their diets because they can provide you many health benefits.In this article you will read about some health benefits of bananas.

1. They can improve the digestion thanks to the content of dietary fiber. They are regulating and normalizing the bowel motility and they help you to combat indigestion.

2. They can fight depression thanks to the tryptophan content because when tryptophan is consumed it is turned into serotonin and this way you will be happier.

3. Bananas are extremely effective in boosting your energy. It is recommended especially if you are exercising to eat two bananas before your workout program because that way you will have more energy during the workout.


4. Bananas can prevent stroke and heart attack and this is due to the fact that they are low in sodium and rich in potassium.

5. They can help in the cases with inflammation because they contain big amounts of vitamin B6 and this vitamin is effective in fighting against inflammation of the joints. Also your nervous system will be strengthened.

6. You can fight anemia with the help of bananas because they contain big amounts of iron and that will strengthen the blood and that is important in the cases with anemia.

7. Bananas are also effective in regulating blood sugar levels and because of this they are great in the cases with diabetes.

8. Bananas will make you smarter! This is really interesting fact, and it is true because bananas are boosting the functions of the brain and that has a positive effect on you. What is especially needed for proper functioning of the brain is potassium and bananas are extremely rich in potassium.

9. Bananas help in preventing calcium deficiency and they help in the process of absorption of calcium and this way your bones will be healthier and stronger.

10. Bananas can be helpful in the cases with kidney cancer. Because of the fact that we previously mentioned, that bananas help in the process of absorption of calcium, bananas are also effective in preventing the appearance of kidney stones.

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