Man Loses 176 Pounds In Under A Year By Following These 3 Steps

Nowadays, we often come across the stories of people who have transformed their bodies and got a perfectly shaped body.

Yet, the first step in such transformations is the mental strength and the determination to start living healthy. One man, Andy Albertson, has the goal and motivation to change his lifestyle, and he eventually managed to get his life into his own hands.

He comes from Witchita Falls, Texas, and this is his story:

When he was a kid, he used to be very physically active and played football, soccer, and basketball. Yet, when in fifth grade, he started consuming a poor diet, that led to fast weight gain.

In junior high school, his classmates called him “Andyopolis,” as he was “as big as one city.” Moreover, one of his teachers awarded his classmates with candy whenever they called him out in front of everyone in the class.

The bullying continued throughout high school when he weighed 240 pounds and was 5 feet and 5 inches tall. He started seeking his happiness in food. He claims that it is a vicious cycle, as he ate to feel better, and then, felt bad for being fat.

Yet, in January 2015, he started his journey that brought his life back. He started going to the gym for an hour daily. He lost 20 pounds in a month by only using the elliptical. Then, he lost 40 more.


Yet, he experienced two mental blocks during the process of weight loss.

Initially, when he lost 60 pounds, he got a mental block that slowed down his progress. Yet, his goal was to reach 225 pounds and knew that it would never happen if he stopped.

His personal trainer, Jerry Hughes, helped him get over his mental block and compiled a set of daily cardio exercises, and he had to do hard exercises three times per week. He lost 20 pounds and 24 inches in a month.

Jerry encouraged him to go on the second time he got a mental block too when he lost 140 pounds of his 170 goal. He came up with numerous excuses to give up, but his achievement motivated him to go on.

He proudly shared his success on Facebook:

“On January 29th I took part in my first 5k [run]. There was a time in my life that I would have never thought about, much less have completed a run of any kind. This is just another step in my journey. Are you ready to start yours?”

Andy shared some useful tips to help people lose weight and have a better approach towards life:

  1. Try

You will never know how far you can go unless you try. Therefore, get up and hit the gym. Start eating a healthy and balanced diet, and the results will be your motivation to go on!

As soon as your body starts to change, your mental health will improve, and you will begin reshaping your body and strengthening your overall health.

  1. Support

To support her son, Andy’s mother, Mary, changed her diet and started exercising too.

  1. Research

Whenever you are out with your friends, take your time and see if the menu offers some healthy meals that will help you avoid the high-calorie, unhealthy foods.

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