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This one-pan steak and potatoes is a hearty week-night meal that tastes like roast beef.

What do you do when it’s just two of you or you’re by your lonesome and feel like having roast beef?

Unless you want to be eating leftovers for a few weeks, here’s an excellent solution that has no waste at all!

I have a freezer filled with steaks–having taken advantage of some super buys in various stores around me. They freeze well because I vacuum seal all of them.  I admit–I overbought and I don’t eat steak all that often.  But tell me how you can resist T-bone, Porterhouse or strip steak for $4.99 a pound? You simply can’t!!!

I have lots of potatoes on hand too. Recently a local store had buy one get one of reds and Yukon golds so I bought a bag of each.



For a few days now, I’ve really felt like having a nice roast beef dinner. Beef roasts were not on sale and I’m not spending over $20 for a big piece of meat that more than likely will get tossed because all of it won’t be eaten.  Then, I remembered the steaks I had.

My friend Lori told me she experimented once with roasting/baking a london broil and it came out very well. So I figured I would try doing it with one of my steaks.  I happened to grab a boneless NY Strip steak, because it was the first one I put my hand on in the freezer, so that’s what I made this with.

One caveat though, your steak will not be rare if you happen to like it that way. I’m not too fussy about either steak or my roast beef and will eat in most any way (besides almost raw and so well done it’s like a half sole).  This comes out well done, but it’s still tender because it’s a good cut of meat.

This did fill the bill for that roast beef flavor. In fact, it put me in mind of good British pub food–and of course a nice beer or ale will go down nicely with this.


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