Put These 2 Ingredients in Your Coffee. After Just 2 Sips, Your Belly Fat Will Disappear And Your Metabolism Will Be Faster Than Ever!

Many people all around the world love to drink coffee especially in the morning, but only a few of them know that coffee is much more then just an energy booster, it can speed up your metabolism in the morning and it can also protect you from various diseases.

So, if you are struggling with some extra weight, you can very easily turn your morning coffee into a great fat burner. All you have to do is to mix these ingredients: coconut, cinnamon,honey and cocoa, then add it into your coffee, and believe it or not you can lose up to 10 kilograms in a month.

These ingredients will improve the taste of your morning coffee, speed up you metabolism and you will get a new body very quickly!

Cinnamon is a great ingredient which has many medical properties and it has been used for centuries. It is full of antioxidants and anti-inâammatory properties that áght infection and inâammation.Also it speeds metabolism and breaks down sugar into energy.

Coconut oil is a great natural thermogenic which has a lot of healthy fats. It can can increase your metabolism and energy consumption, and it is resulting in more efácient fat burning.

Honey is also amazing ingredient which contains many vitamins and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc and calcium that are essential for dissolving fat. Try using a raw, unáltered, unpasteurized organic honey!

This how you can make this recipe:


1 powdered cinnamon
¾ cup of coconut oil
½ cup of honey (optional)
1 teaspoon of cocoa (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a small bowl and stir them well until you get a homogenous mixture. Then store the mixture in a jar and keep it in the fridge.

How to use it:

Add one or two teaspoons of this mixture into your morning coffee while it’s still hot. Stir it for several seconds or until the coconut oil melts. Enjoy in your amazing fat burning drink!

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